Unknown Facts Or Lesser Known Facts About Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone hot and sexy

The name Sunny Leone is so famous that nowadays even a small child knows about her. She is popular all around the world because of her bold, attractive and beauty with sexy body structure.

There are maximum numbers of people from all part of the world who are searching Sunny Leone on the internet. As we all know about her, there is no need to explain her or give the identity of Sunny Leone. She is an Indo-Canadian, American former porn star.

But one thing does anyone knows what exactly Sunny Leone’s real name is? I think most do not know her real name. We all know the latest activities and gossips of Sunny Leone but does anyone knows about her how she got so much popular and from active porn star how she became a former porn star? 

Some unknown or less known facts about baby-doll Sunny Leone are as follows

1) Sunny’s real name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra but she is widely known by her stage name Sunny Leone. The adult porn star is an Indo-Canadian and American actress, businesswoman and model.

2) Babydoll (Sunny) entered Bollywood (Indian Film Industry) with the movie Jism-2 after being seen on TV’s biggest reality show Big Boss season 5, on 2011. Sunny Leone joined the adult film industry when she was 19 years old.

3) Sunny Leone lost her virginity at the age of 16 to a basketball player. Sunny had her first kiss at the age of 11. She also had experienced her bisexuality at age 18 but she had stated that she prefers men.

4) In 2010, she was adjudged as one of the 12 top female stars in porn by leading men’s magazine, Maxim.

5) Before starting her carrier in porn industry she had first worked at a German bakery, a Jiffy Lube (automotive oil change shop), and later on worked at a tax and retirement firm. Presently she is trying to make her space in Indian (Bollywood) cinemas.

6) Leone wants to be a nurse and was studying nursing too.

7) Sunny, better known as an adult film actor and producer, has directed 42 adult films and starred in 41 adult movies.

Sunny Leone with her husband Daniel Weber
Sunny Leone with her husband Daniel Weber

8) Sunny was engaged to Matt Erikson, vice-president of marketing at Playboy. But she got married to Daniel Weber after the breakup with Erikson in 2008.

9) The actress is afraid of insects rather than ghosts, she said because in real life she had never such experience with ghosts. She tells she had insect phobia instead.

10) Sunny Leone accepts that she cannot escape from her pasts and cannot hide who she was. And she is not sorry for that because she thinks that was her way of life. She said that she is not getting on the table and is removing her clothes or not hitting on others husband.

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