This Is What Happens When Famous Brands Start Manufacturing Condoms

Everyone might be wondering what will happen if the world’s famous brands start manufacturing condoms. 

Let’s imagine that the world’s famous brands start making condoms. And of course, they will produce condoms range with maintaining their logo and tagline.

The slogan or message that comes out of the packaging will be really funny and exciting.

Here are some of the funny slogans of condoms if famous brands started manufacturing condoms. 

If NOKIA starts producing condoms, this is what it looks like with its slogan. 
If famous brand NIKE began to make condoms, this is how its slogan looks like.
If ACER starts manufacturing condoms it’s slogan would be like this.
This will be the slogan of condoms produced by ADIDAS.
The slogan of condoms made by BURGER KING would be like this.
Whoever use coca-cola’s condoms, they will open happiness.
If we use DETTOL condoms, we will be 100% sure, wow.
The slogan of GATORADE will be funny too if they produce condoms.
If famous brand GILLETTE starts making condoms and puts their slogan on condoms it will be like this.
Condoms produced by IN-N-OUT would look like this.
In the future, if KFC starts making condoms, its slogan on the condoms would be like this.
When KINGFISHER begins producing condoms, this is what its slogan would look like on condoms.
If LG starts manufacturing condoms, it will make our life good whenever we use their condoms.
Condoms produced by LUCKY CHARMS would be magically delicious.
When mcdonald’s starts producing the condom, its slogan looks like this in the condom.
When MONSTER starts producing the condom instead of drinks its slogan would appear like this in the condom.
If you use POKEMON condom, you will catch them all.
If people use POP ROCKS’ condom then you will get the chance to taste the explosion. Mmmmm.
Whenever we use SKITTLES condom you will taste the rainbow.
IF you use THE HOME DEPOT condom and you cant do then they will help you. LOL.
Use XBOX LIVE condom and play together because its good to play together. Haaaa

Which one of these slogans do you like the most? Please let us know via comment. Thank you.

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