Tall People Are More Likely To Catch COVID-19, New Study Claims

Tall people could face a greater risk of transmitting Covid-19, according to research that adds weight to the theory the disease is airborne.

Now height will be minus point for tall boyz due to COVID 19 Pandemic. 


Data from 2,000 people in the UK and US showed that men above 6 feet were twice as likely to be diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Women also had higher chances to get infected with COVID-19 if they were over 6ft tall. But the numbers were so few in the study that the results are not reliable.

A survey of 2,000 people in the UK and US found the risk of Covid-19 (coronavirus) double for people over six feet. 

As per researchers, the findings do not necessarily mean tall people are somehow genetically more vulnerable to the infection.

Instead, they believe the results indicate Covid-19 spreads through tiny particles called aerosols that linger in the air after being exhaled.

Scientists said if the virus was mainly spread through sneezing or coughing, taller people would be at no risk. Because droplets from sneezing or coughing are larger and they tend to fall quickly to the ground.

But Health officials have so far ruled out that Covid-19 is airborne. But admitted recently they are reviewing ’emerging evidence’ that it is.

As per official date in 2010, the average height of a man in England was 5ft 9″ (175.3cm) and the average height of woman was 5ft 3″ (161.6cm).

The survey results were analyzed by a team of data scientists in the UK, Norway, and the US, led by experts at the University of Oxford.

In the UK, men and women who are more than 6 feet tall faced more than double the risk of Covid-19 as compared to those under six feet height.

Whereas the transmission of COVID-19 were slightly lower in the US for men but extremely high for women — who were more than nine times more likely to get the virus.

Height has previously been linked to the development of diseases such as dementia and an irregular heart beat, which scientists believe could be due to genetic variants or growth hormones.

But in this study, the researchers did not suggest tall people were more at risk of Covid-19 due to their biology.

The findings support the theory that tiny coronavirus particles emitted through exhaling and speaking may linger in the air for hours.

source: DailyMail

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