Interesting And Amazing Facts About Snakes

venom of a King Cobra is strong enough to kill an elephantMost of the people use to afraid of the snake rather than any other giant wild creature. Its because the snake cannot easily be seen in any place because it changes its color according to the surrounding and it can easily hide anywhere. We all are afraid of this creature but many of us may not be well known about the weird facts about snakes. 

Snake has some interesting and amazing behaviors. Let’s see some of the interesting and amazing facts, information about the snake which are listed below. 

1) The very first interesting facts about snakes are that they are reptiles and are cold-blooded animals. Their size varies from species to species. They have a different type of body with different colored scales on the body.

2) There are more than 3200 species of snakes in the world and out of them many species are categorized as endangered.

3) Snakes being cold-blooded animals, they can not survive in Antarctica and Arctic regions.

4) The venom of King Cobra is strong enough to kill an elephant.

5) A king cobra can live for months without food- Amazing King Cobra

6) Snakes are generally good friends to their owner, so they are generally known as good friends to their owner.

7) Snakes usually stay silent and quiet but need more food to eat. They are generally happy with their owner.

8) Snakes can even eat its prey that is bigger than its size because they do have special flexible jaw which is shown in the picture above.

9) It has been proved that snakes have only one lung and 2 kidneys which are front and rear of each other, unlike the way they are in the human body.

10) Some Chinese believes that snakes are considered to be a  good omen to be in a house. Snakes are actually the food provider of the family, if we have a snake in the house then it means that nobody will starve in the house.

11) There is a very interesting fact about the snakes that they sleep with their eyes open so that they can search for a good place and good posture to sleep. 

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