A 5-Year-Old Girl Becomes Youngest Mother In The World

Lina Marcela Medina de Jurado becomes the youngest confirmed mother recorded in medical history after delivering a son at the age of 5.

The five-year-old’s parents discovered she was pregnant after her abdomen began to grow and she started having stomach pains.

Five-year-old Lina Medina cradles her baby shortly after giving birth in Peru in 1939

Lina Medina is a Peruvian woman born on 23 September 1933. She gave birth to his son when she was 5 years 7 months and 21 days.

On May 14, 1939, she gave birth to a baby boy via cesarean section as her young pelvis was too small for a natural birth.

When Lina Medina’s stomach began growing, doctors were certain she was suffering from a large tumor as she was only 5 years old at that time.

But after running medical tests they found she was seven months pregnant after being raped. And weeks later, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. 

10 Unknown Facts About Gautam Buddha Or Buddhism

There is no doubt that Gautam Buddha (Siddhartha Gautam) was born in Lumbini, Nepalwhich was entitled as a World Heritage Site in 1997. This is the holiest place for Buddhist pilgrimages. 

Gautam Buddha Statue
Nepal’s Largest Stone Buddha At 12,600 Feet

Lord Buddha was born in a Hindu Kshatriya family. He was the son of King Śuddhodana, “an elected chief of the Shakya clan” whose capital city was Kapilavastu, which lies in Nepal today. 

What Happens To Our Body After Drinking Coca-Cola? And What Is The Real Use Of Coca-Cola?

Many of use to drink coca-cola when we are thirsty we feel good to drink it and it is found everywhere that we have not to carry water or something else for thirst. So it is highly in practiced. But do anyone of us knows the real use of Coca-Cola?

But are we aware of coca-cola and do we know its side effects? What is the real use of the coca-cola? Have you ever wondered what exactly Coca Cola or any other beverage is and what reactions do they do? Let us see its effects on the human on time basis right after drinking coca-cola.

What Happens To Our Body After Drinking Coca-Cola:

After 10 minutes: The sugar (about 10 teaspoons based on your daily intake) contained in a glass of CocaCola can cause highly destructive or damaging strike on our body. People won’t vomit immediately from a large amount of sweetness due to the presence of phosphoric acid in coke. Because phosphoric acid present in cocacola prevents an action or process of sugar. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Drinking Coffee

Before discussing on merits and demerits of drinking coffee, it would be better if we know some history about coffee. So, with the number of reports of its first use history of coffee goes to as far back as 13th century.

There is thought that pure native population of coffee has come from East Africa, especially from Ethiopia. But Coffee was cultivated first by Arabs from the 14th century. And in 16th-century coffee had reached all over the Middle East, Turkey, Persia and Northern Africa. thereafter coffee then starts spreading to Italy, Balkans, rest part of Europe, Indonesia and at last to America.

Some Points or facts about advantages and disadvantages of drinking coffee are mentioned below on the basis of a number of cups or times we take coffee. 

Interesting And Amazing Facts About Snakes

venom of a King Cobra is strong enough to kill an elephantMost of the people use to afraid of the snake rather than any other giant wild creature. Its because the snake cannot easily be seen in any place because it changes its color according to the surrounding and it can easily hide anywhere. We all are afraid of this creature but many of us may not be well known about the weird facts about snakes. 

Snake has some interesting and amazing behaviors. Let’s see some of the interesting and amazing facts, information about the snake which are listed below. 

What Happens When Coca-Cola Is Mixed With Milk (With Video And Photo Gallery)

We all are well-known with soft drinks, especially Coca-cola. We all use to drink coca-cola quite often. But none of us thinks about Coca-Cola’s mixed composition.

Did anyone think about mixing coca-cola with milk? Let me tell one thing, may many knows about it, when we add some sugar in the bottle or can of coca-cola it boils with lots of bubbles and comes out of the bottle. But here we are talking about mixing coca-cola with milk, so let’s see this fact here. 

This is apparently what happens when we mix coca-cola and milk together.

What Happens When Coca-Cola Is Mixed With Milk